Putting On An Outdoor Play? Special Equipment You Will Need


Many community theaters host Shakespearean productions in the parks during the summer. What the audience does not know is how much effort goes into the preparations for these productions. If this is your first summer participating in such a show, you will need a lot of special equipment to make this happen.

Wiring up the Ceiling Mics

Sound projection is huge with outdoor performances. Yes, amphitheaters help, but if you have an audience a hundred feet deep, the actors have to practically scream their lines to be heard. That is why ceiling microphones are so important. They save the voices of the actors while providing clear sound for everyone in the audience.


Microphones are not going to help if you do not have speakers through which the sound travels. Speakers help project the spoken word. They also allow you to do neat sound effects such as distant voices, haunting singing, and surround sound for a more realistic and submerged experience with the play.


Amplifiers that deliver quality sound, such as Burmester amplifiers, will be necessary, too. The amplifiers take the sound from the microphones and speakers and project it out even further than the microphones or speakers could. They also reduce any garbled effect that the speakers might have after the microphones have picked up what is said.

Lighting and/or Reflectors

Depending on the time of day that you will perform this play, you may need lighting and/or reflectors. The lighting will be necessary on partly cloudy days and for evening performances. The reflectors can be used to reflect natural light onto the stage and the actors for sunny daytime performances. You can use both, but do not go without any sort of lighting because you never know what you will get weather-wise if you do not have any lighting for the stage.

Sound Mixers

Inside, sound effects are easily produced behind the stage. Outside, you will need a sound mixer that you can connect to your amplifiers so that you can get exactly the right sound effects at exactly the right time. Whoever you hire to do the sound mixing will need to rehearse along with the actors so that there are no mistakes. Verbal cues from the actors often set off the sound effects, and sound effects can also trigger a series of lines from the actors. Without the sound mixers and amplifiers, the show is going to fall a little flat.


1 January 2018

Making An Impact With Audio Visual Equipment

Hello, my name is Meredith Vaccaro and I have worked in the public library for many years. In addition to having shelves and shelves of books for the public to check out and read, we also have audio visual equipment for members of the community to use. Various organizations and non-profit groups us this equipment for teaching and instructional purposes because it's very effective. Many people do not realize the impact of an audio visual presentation and that is why I decided to write this blog. As you read, you will discover how to best utilize audio visual equipment to get your message across to others. I hope that after reading my blog, you will be able to look at presentations in a whole new way.