Putting On An Outdoor Play? Special Equipment You Will Need


Many community theaters host Shakespearean productions in the parks during the summer. What the audience does not know is how much effort goes into the preparations for these productions. If this is your first summer participating in such a show, you will need a lot of special equipment to make this happen. Wiring up the Ceiling Mics Sound projection is huge with outdoor performances. Yes, amphitheaters help, but if you have an audience a hundred feet deep, the actors have to practically scream their lines to be heard.

1 January 2018

Successful Infomercial Production: 3 Selling Techniques To Implement


It isn't at all uncommon for infomercials to be seen as overly aggressive. However, when done correctly, infomercials don't have to have a forceful "sales-y" feeling. Instead, it truly is possible to use a few selling techniques in your infomercial video production so that you don't have to feel that you are filling your audience with incredibly hyped-up sales messages (or at least not as bad as everyone else!). Here are three selling of them:

6 June 2017

Why the Pipe Camera Is So Useful for Inspecting Sewer Pipes


If there is a blockage or damage in one of your plumbing pipes, you can either dig out the pipes or inspect them with a pipe camera. Read on to learn more about this simple form of pipe damage diagnosis: The Gadget The pipe camera is small enough to fit within the narrow diameters of residential sewer pipes. The camera is equipped with a bright light to illuminate the darkened interiors of these lights so that the inspector can see the cause of the blockage.

8 March 2017